Alam Puisi Villa Poems at Culture Villa Ubud


Alam Puisi Villa

Spectacular views of the Balinese rice fields

Alam Puisi Villa

The villas with spectacular views of the rice fields, and the owners want to preserve the poems that selected via tweeter @ Mr_Puisi, in which the poems show meaningful words concerning human life, a love of literature, then preserved Alam Puisi Villa that has beautiful and nuanced poems that can touch the deep hearts of every reader
Alam Puisi Villas as well as meaningful museum of poems to preserve the life stories that are in human life that may need to be read as a critical and comparative human life
Alam Puisi Villa is located about 10 minute drive from ubud central.

Equipped with 25 units private one bedroom pool villas and 2 unit private two bedroom pool villas designed in Balinese mix minimalist architecture Enhancing the peaceful overlooking to the rice paddy views. Complimentary one hour Yoga lesson in our Yoga Centre, complimentary one hour morning walk, relaxing and rejuvenate yourself in our spa and an open stage that presents dance with Balinese culture, meeting room with capacity of 40 peoples We are also offering cooking classes Balinese culture village from our chef who has enough experience
Each villa you will be treated to nine different types of poetry and meaning of it’s contents, beside that it also every corner you will find the poems that can touch the hearts of readers
Alam Puisi Villa is equipped with a restaurant named “Restaurant Puisi Tepi Sawah”, which the restaurant gives the feel of a stretch of paddy fields, with the menu is ready compete in around ubud

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