AMANA VILLAS / Seminyak / Bali

AMANA VILLAS / Seminyak / Bali is derived from the Indonesian word "Aman", which means peace and tranquility.

Renowned for its creativity & dedication to green issues, Amana Villas is one of the world’s first hotels to showcase its unique “waterfall” design concept, custom iConcierge iPhone apps, 100% Bamboo Linen and a complete green concept in its architectural design. It also offers a host of other exclusive services such as full butler services and complimentary access to Bali's premier members' only country club, Canggu Club.

Amana Villas is the product of passion. A passion for life, unparalleled services, technology, luxury, wellness and most importantly, the belief that we can all make a difference for a better tomorrow. We pride ourselves in making our guests smile, and offering them an experience of pampering beyond their expectations.

It is not often in life that you get to be part of something special. We sincerely invite you to join us in our quest to redefine luxury.

The following are some of Amana Villas' most prominent features :


Amana Villas is situated at the most convenient location in the heart of Seminyak, the trendy centre of Bali. It is at the junction of the famous "Food Street" Jalan Kayu Aya ( also known as Jalan Oberoi or Jalan Laksmana ) and "Shop Street" Jalan Seminyak. AMANA VILLAS is within easy walking distance from all the popular Seminyak destinations such as Kudeta, Potato Head, Made's Warung, Metis, The Living Room and Seminyak Square.


Due to the enormous impact from tourism and construction of hotels and resorts all over Bali in the recent years, the environment is gradually being depleted; the blue ocean is polluted and the trees are cut down with no replanting program. Hence, at Amana Villas, we have employed at least 12 different environmental strategies in the architectural design, aimed to help play our role in the preservation of the natural environment. Amana Villas also provides 100% environmental bamboo linen, iPads instead of newspapers in its efforts to contribute to the conservations of our planet.


Amana Villas is one of the few hotels in the world to offer its guests 100% pure bamboo linen. Bamboo is known for its environmental friendliness (it only requires 30% of water for irrigation compared to cotton ), anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties and it is biodegradable. Most importantly, it is very soft to the touch, and often compared to the likes of Egyptian cotton.


Our Waterfall Villas & Signature Villas offer a one of a kind "waterfall concept" where the infinity pool overflows onto a pond in front of the bedroom below. Enjoy the tranquil sounds of trickling water while gazing into the stars above the waterfall. A true visual and therapeutic experience like none other.


Amana Villas is also one of the first to introduce iConcierge iPhone app exclusively customized for our guests. Apart from basic hotel information, it boasts a very detailed guide to Bali, where guests can easily perform searches for places to eat, play and relax. It even includes GPS tracking where guests can find their bearings on a map. There is also a one-touch call button to your personal butler.


For guests who crave a taste of the recreational sports, we offer an exclusive and complimentary access to Bali's premier country club, Canggu Club. It boasts a full selection of facilities including a 25m swimming pool, gym, tennis, squash courts and etc. It is another perfect way to spend an idyll afternoon on the exotic island of Bali.


Amana Villas also offers amazing bespoke packages for all our guests. Amongst the favourites is the romantic stay four days at Amana Villas, and one night on a private yacht package. Through the Guests Experience Menu, guests are able to arrange for a selection of romantic surprises such as bathtub filled with roses, romantic candle light dinners, spa sessions for two and sunset horseback riding to name a few. All of which can be pre-arranged before your arrival.


At Amana Villas, we believe in pampering our guests, “everything at your doorstep”; At your behest, your personal butler is able to arrange everything from candle light dinners prepared by private chef, beauty treatments and even private instructor sessions of yoga or pilates within your villa, by the pool or in the living room.

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