Angseri Hot Spring Bali Indonesia

 Angseri Hot Spring Bali Indonesia (Air Panas Angseri Bali)

If you want to visit Angseri Hot Spring, which is located in the district of Tabanan, you should make sure that your driver knows where you would eventually like to end up. Air Panas Angseri Bali, is not very popular with tourists as it only provides you with the minimum for your the basic needs.

The way to Angseri Hot Spring could already be exciting as the roads by and large are not in the best shape. Probably it is a good idea to tip your driver after the bumpy trip for checking if his dampers are working properly or not.

If you expect a parking lot “right in front of the door” of Angseri Hot Spring you will be disappointed. The excitement doesn’t stop when you switch off the engine. Before you arrive at the destination of your choice you have to clamber down a lot of stairs which are etched into the hillside and can be slippery from time to time. It is recommended to wear some shoes with a lot of grip.

After you have managed all of the exciting challenges, from bumpy roads to slippery stairs, you will be rewarded with some lovely local scenery. The color of the water is milky green as it is full of sulfates and minerals, which completely compliments the lush green scenery.

You can enjoy Air Panas Angseri Bali in two different ways. If you love public bathing, chose one of the two public pools which are provided. For couples who would like to enjoy some alone time, small and basic but private cabins are available.

Ok, Angseri Hot Spring is very local and you probably can find more exclusivity and facilities at other hot springs, but isn’t it the really local things which actually give you the most memorable moments in your holiday?

By the way, if you would like to see how the Balinese spend their weekends and you don’t mind the place being busy, you should go there on Sunday and you will probably be the only foreigner in-between 50 or more Balinese people. To everyone else it is highly recommended to go there during the week.

Angseri Hot Spring offers you the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful afternoon the Balinese way!

Additional Information 1: The entrance fee for Angseri Hot Spring Bali is minimal, showers and toilets are available and a small warung is located just around the corner.

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