Bali Bakery

Happiness is Specially Homemade

When it comes to being one of the world’s most popular destinations, Bali is surely on top of the list. Being a popular choice for both local and international tourists, Bali attracted many investors and entrepreneurs as a land flowing with milk and honey. At the heart of all the developments taking place in the 90s, there was Bali Bakery.

Bali Bakery was established in 1994, during the time where cake shops were only available in hotels, hence very restricted and inconvenient. Situated in the heart of Bali, in Jalan Raya Kuta no. 65, they first started with just a small and cosy shop selling a limited number of cakes and breads. Over the years, with a lot of hard work, Bali Bakery grew to become the local’s most distinguished café and restaurant.

Consistently delivering excellent cakes, pastries and breads, as well as an innovative menu list of both local and Western cuisines, and faultless service, it is no wonder that they have made themselves the quintessential of this island of gods.

The mood of the place itself is friendly and lively. From the bustle of mid-week business lunches, to sun-filled Sunday family lunches, the easy and relaxed sense of Bali is evident.

Since its humble beginning, Bali Bakery has now expanded to cater the demands of the market and have grown to four outlets all across Bali. They have also been trusted to provide catering for important occasions such as weddings and birthdays, or a simple get-together. Despite their achievements, they remain modest, staying true to their commitment to serve and provide the best dining experience for each guest, every single time. 

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