Bali Villa Wedding at Villa Seminyak Estate & Spa

Customize your Bali dream wedding with us at a private and spacious Royal Villa garden that is ready to be the memorable venue for your big day. Our custom wedding package is designed to be the highlight of your memorable romantic experience of wedding in Bali.

Planning a Bali villa wedding should definitely mean more fun than frustration. Our expert wedding planners can help oversee every detail, from practicalities like airport transfers and coordinating the paperwork and legal procedures required for a wedding ceremony, to beautifully personalized elements like menu, music, décor, entertainment and more.

Our Bali wedding specialist will assist you with all preparations. From imaginative flowers arrangements, romantic bouquets to show-stopping centerpieces and a tailor-made reception to make your wedding in Bali treasured. We also can help with the legal and religious ceremonies. Please note that specific documents and paperwork are required in advance.

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