Buleleng Regency

The Regency of Buleleng

The Regency to which belongs 75% of North Bali's Coastline


 Buleleng Regency - Capital: Singaraja

Buleleng Area: 1.366 km2

Buleleng Population: 588.600 (2002)

Buleleng Density: 430/km2

Capital: Singaraja

The Regency of Buleleng was founded in the late 1600’s by Gusti Panji Sakit.

Buleleng regency stretches almost along the complete northern coast of Bali and is very well known for its former capital Singaraja which is still the capital of Buleleng . Many Tour Guides offer trips to Lovina, the perfect spot for dolphin watching.

Nowadays, this northern part of Bali is very popular with European Expats. The property prices, compared to the south, are still very reasonable and about 80-90%! lower. This gap finally mirrors the touristic disclosure of Bali.

The western part of Buleleng belong s to West National Park (Taman Nasional Bali Barat) and offers also great diving opportunities around Deer Island (Pulau Menjangan).

If you are interested in an Eco Friendly Holiday on Bali or looking for a Romantic Honeymoon Resort in the middle of nowhere, The Menjangan, a unique Lifestyle Eco Friendly Resort offers you a great opportunity. (If you have the money J )

Plan your Day Trip to Buleleng and combine the following highlights:

  • Lovina 
  • Singaraja


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