Choosing Bags for Traveling

Bags that we use for traveling will be determine how easy our trip is. Bags that are too large will encourage us to bring too much stuff (overpack), while the bag is too small will encourage us to buy a bigger bags. On the other hand, the ergonomics of the bag is also important, not to bag that we use everyday to get around even incriminate themselves so that the back pain, for example. Here are some tips on choosing a bag for the trip:

Backpack, tote, or briefcase drag? Among all the options, which are most suitable for use in virtually all types of trips? For me, backpacks and tote are my favorite because they are flexible and compact. Fearing heavy and hard to carry? This is where the importance of ergonomics. Walking around at the airport? Do not worry, there is always a cart if needed. Drag bags and suitcases tend to be heavy, difficult and potentially harmful to other individuals, such as the plane lifted into the luggage compartment in the cabin.

Choose a bag that maximizes space. Bag with dimensions approaching the square would be the maximum use of space, while the dimensions tend to be “aerodynamic” or curved instead reduce space. Besides the dimensions, the material must be strong, and retsletingnya connection if there should be high quality. Find a bag that many of the compartment. If not, buy small bags (pouch) that can organize the inside of the bag. Free color according to taste, but if it can be unique because it is better when retrieving luggage easier to search, for example.

Independent walkers will always put the luggage in the cabin alone, so it must comply with the maximum size of airline cabin in general, about 105 – 185cm total by adding up the length, height and width of the bag. If you choose a backpack, try to choose a sleek but high, rather than a short but wide. If you should have a drag bag or suitcase, try a small or medium. Note the maximum size of cabin baggage.

Whenever possible, find a bag that size can accommodate a minimum of three pairs of clothes and a maximum of seven pairs. The main objective here is to make the trip easy and if traveling by plane, do not need to do a baggage check-in. Consider also the contents of another bag, such as electronic equipment, toiletries, documents, and so forth. One or two bags enough for any trip. Consider also the maximum power of the purse, for example, so kilogram or liter.

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