Karangasem Regency


The Regency of Karangasem

Known for its Diving rather than Tourism

Karangasem Regency - Capital: Amplapura


Karangasem Regency: (Indonesian: Kabupaten Karangasem) – Green and mountainous

Area: 840km2

Population: 369,300 (2002)

Density: 440/km2

Capital: Amplapura

By mentioning Karangasem, Bali Experts will directly think about two Balinese Travel Highlights;

Mount Agung (Gunung Agung) and the Mother Temple (Besakih Temple) are two of the most popular tourist attractions on Bali.

The higher a place is located in bali, the closer the Balinese are to the gods. For this reason, with a height of about 3140 meters, Mount Agung (87th highest mountain in the world and the highest mountain in Bali) is a very spiritual place. Mount Agung’s last volcanic eruption was in 1963, destroying many cultural attractions.

Karangasem offers the same opportunities as Bangli does but has the advantage of some great diving spots. In Bali’s most north-eastern area you will find very well-known places for diving such as Tulamben or Amlapura, the capital of Karangsem.

Amlapura is, with its unique ship wreck diving opportunity, the perfect place to stay. If you plan a trip to Bali and you are an experienced diver, think about the opportunity to split your stay. Stay in the Karangasem regency for 3 days (preferred in the cities of Tulamben or Amlapura) and experience great nature, adventures, amazing beaches and diving spots.

The rest of your holiday can be spent in Kuta, if you are looking for a party and cheap nightlife, in Nusa Dua if you would like to go for first class accommodation with wonderful white sand beaches or Seminyak to explore sophisticated nightlife and extraordinary shopping opportunities.

 Plan your Day Trip to Karangasem and combine the following highlights:

  • Mother Temple (Besakih Temple)
  • Mount Agung (Gunung Agung)
  • Ship Wreck Diving
  • Tenganan (Traditional Village)

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