Kuta Angel Luxurious Living

Welcome to Kuta Angel Hotel Bali

Kuta Angel is Kuta’s premier boutique hotel and seeks nothing less than to transport visitors to a high-end Kuta hotel setting, unlike anything that can be found in Kuta or elsewhere in BALI. Luxury, aesthetics, and customer service (our customers are royalty here) are the hallmarks of the Kuta Angel.

Interpretation of modern arts inspired by traditional Balinese design which are well known, by showing a modern interpretation of Balinese carvings which very famous among the world, combines concept Angel with a variety of faces showing happiness when seeing a beautiful Angel who descend to the surface of this earth.
In that faces we illustrate a variety of different feelings and character that we show in our hectic live. With the clamorous in our lives, the Angles recall the smile of happiness will be able to achieve peace within ourselves.

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