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What to do and see in Indonesia? - Things to do and see in Bali, Indonesia
Things to do and see in Bali - Traditional Markets in Bali, Indonesia

Kuta Art Market

Pasar Seni Kuta - Art market for bali Newbies

The market in busy Kuta

Kuta Art Market is a traditional market where you can get local-crafted souvenirs, clothes, shoes, jewelry and even furniture. The prices vary, depending on your bargaining skills. Haggling is expected and indeed encouraged as part of the fun of shopping, but do so politely and with a smile. 

It is often helpful to decide upon the most you want to pay for an item before you start bargaining. 

Kuta Art Market is packed with tourists and not very local anymore. Sellers are very aggressive. If you don’t stay in Kuta you should better put Badung Market or Sukawati Art Market on one of your day trips!

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