Leave everything behind and live it up at the L Hotel

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This is the Group´s first foray into hotels and is the flagship for the future development of L Hotel & Resorts.

Leave everything behind and live it up at the L Hotel. Located in trendy Seminyak and lovingly designed by internationally-acclaimed team comprising of Popo Danes as Architect and Dewa Kusuma as the landscape specialist where the 30-suite L Hotel marries heritage with modernity for your quintessential experience.

Experience the allure and vibrancy of L through its personalized butler services and plush dcor. Treat your culinary senses to a gastronomic array prepared by our team of European and well known local chefs. Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing, idyllic views of Bali′s famed Padi fields and sunset views of the great Indian Ocean.

Live Life at the L Hotels & Resorts.


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