Lovina - Cities and Areas

The City of Lovina

A Coastal City in the North of Bali
Lovina - Starting point for the Dolphin Tour on Bali's North Coast

 Lovina has more or less the same attractions as Singaraja; Dolphin Tours, Snorkelling and/or Diving. Although in addition to these things you can find the Banjar Hot Springs (Air Panas – Hot Water) and the Banjar Buddhist temple, the biggest one in Bali close to Lovina.

A very moderate nightlife has started to develop here, especially on weekends and it's getting a little bit busier outside of the hotels.

Apart from the high Season (around August) Lovina is a very quiet area and action seekers, apart from Divers and Surfers who like the ocean calmer, should only come for a daytrip to enjoy the black sand beaches.


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