Passport for Your Children

Formerly, children who will be abroad can join parent’s passport. Usually, your baby photos will be placed in the mother’s passport. But now, children under age must have their own passport. Therefore, if you intend traveling abroad with your baby, one process that you should do is to make a passport for children under the age, children ranging from infants to 17 years old.

Actually, the child’s passport is not much different with an adult passport. However, it should be remembered, sometimes every province to implement a different way of making. You must set up the original file and photocopy of identity, such as: the child’s birth certificate, ID of parents, family card, STTB / diploma or certificate of birth parents, parent’s Marriage letter, and parent’s passport that still valid.

Parent files should be complete, the mother and father. For example, a parent ID, then you have to prepare the identification card, the mother and the father of ID cards. You also must attach a written statement with the stamp Rp 6,000 from the parents. The statement on the cooperative sold the immigration office, so you do not need to create your own.

Please remember, for the waiver requires signatures of both parents. If parents are divorced, then also attach a letter of child custody. All of these documents you bring the original or a photocopy. Way is to use a photocopy of an A4 paper.

Meanwhile, for the ID card must be copied front and back on one page. If you’re confused, you can just copy these documents at the immigration office of the cooperative. Photocopy parties usually already know what is needed and how copying. In addition, be prepared to queue and wait their turn photocopy.

If you have prepared the necessary documents, first of all you have to make a passport application. This step can be done online at the site These documents can be sent via this website.

Previously, was the first scan all documents. Remember to scan in black and white and the size is not more than 300 KB. Then, go to the following page After that, click on “Pre Pemohonan Personal” and fill out as well as the input file each document.

There are entries that might be confusing you is the identity card. Because the child does not have ID cards. However, you may choose “NIK” and insert in accordance with existing VIN on a family card. While the validity period can be charged according to the valid identity card of a parent.

Finished filling out all the forms, you can simply print out the receipt. Then a few days later, you just come to the immigration office according to the options you have entered the online entry form.

As to the immigration office, do not forget to bring all necessary documents, either originals or copies. Come early and grab the line number. Do not forget to buy a special folder as well as a statement of children under 17 years. Both can be bought at the coop.

In some of the immigration office, you are required to re-fill the form. But there is also no need to do this, because you have to fill online. Just ask the immigration office that you go, whether you need to refill the form. If yes, then you need to buy it also in the cooperative.

We recommend that you bring stamp duty from home, you certainly do not want to bother if it was stamped on the cooperative is being depleted. Similarly, copies of documents should have been taken earlier. If a copy of the cooperative, usually a long queue so long. After that you wait in line for submission of documents.

Usually if you do not register online before, then you have come two days later or on the date stamped on the document delivery slip. When it comes the second time before your document is checked, make payments, interviews, and photographs. Completed all the paperwork is checked, you are required to make payments. When paying, please bring exact change. Sometimes the cashier runs out of change. The price for regular 48-page passport is USD 255 000 per book. While the 24-page passport is Rp 105.000 per book.

Completed with payment, then do the interviews and photographs. You must re-take the line number for an interview and photos. After interviews and photographs, you will be given a receipt. Passport turnaround time at the latest four days after the interview and photos, or according to the date which is usually printed on the receipt slip.

However, to be sure, ask directly to the interviewer. Bring your receipt to pick up a passport that has been finished. Several immigration offices have applied for a passport system status notifications via SMS. So if the passport is so, the applicant will be informed via SMS. Another way is you can check it directly to the site

Some things to remember when bringing your child to the immigration office is to bring food and drinks, and toys to fill the time your child. Especially when waiting to interview and photograph. While for the inspection of files, your child should not have to go. Moreover, the crowded conditions of immigration and heat.

Just come right before the interview and photos. Therefore, you should get other people to accompany the child. Estimate the time when approaching the interview and photos. Because the child must be photographs directly at the immigration office.

Another thing to consider during the process of interviews and photographs are accompanied by both parents need for the father and mother. Some immigration offices require both parents to attend. Therefore, you should ask if the need both parents to attend.

Well, when this little photo session arguably tricky. For if the child was a toddler, would not want to lap. When the knees, sometimes the little guy would not shut up. Therefore, make sure your child is sleeping and eating before so he does not sulk now turn their pictures taken. If he is asleep, wake it some time before the turn of the picture. Do not wake when going to want to be photographed.

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