Romantic Dinners @ Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort


Romantic Dinners in Indonesia? - Romantic Dinners in Bali-Indonesia
Romantic Dinners in Seminyak-Bali - Romantic Dinners @ Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort

Romantic Dinners @ Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort

Let Anantara's Chef tantalize your taste buds

The Dining by Design...

...concept at Anantara Seminyak is far more than a simple buffet with a special seating arrangement. It is a wonderful dining experience with optional outstanding settings and creative menu options.

The first choice you have to make with your loved one is the choice of what set-up you desire. Do you prefer a more exclusive option? Then go for Anantara's luxurious tent set up and be seated directly at the beach or at Anantara's beach deck. Those who prefer a minimalist style would be better with the basic but very nicely decorated beach set-up with your own bonfire.

(Romantic Dining at Anantara - The tent set-up)

After this you will need to choose your preferred menu:

  • Dining by Design international Set Menu 1
    • Chicken Consume Surprise
      Soup with celery, onion & chicken
    • Seafood Platter
      A feast of delectable seafood consisting of grilled lobster, sea bass fillets, gratinated mussels, fried calamari and battered king prawns coming with fresh garden salad and steamed jasmine rice
    • Dessert
      Fresh fruit skewers served with chocolate fondue
  • Dining by Design international Set Menu 2
    • Peking Duck Salad
      Roasted duck meat tossed together with celery, cucumber, tomato, peanuts and sesame oil
    • Beef Consume Surprise
      Soup with mushroom ravioli, fresh coriander, chili and shallots
    • Grilled marinated lamb cutlets
      Served with saffron potato puree, forest mushrooms, baby spinach & demi glace sauce
    • Caramelized Apple Tartin
      Baked crisp served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • Dining by Design Western Vegetarian Menu
    • Amuse Bouche
    • Roast cauliflower cappuccino, parmesan tuile
    • Organic quinoa salad, nashi pears, papaya relish, toasted almonds & curry vinaigrette
    • Eggplant rolls, tofu basil ricotta, roast capsicum, alfalfa sprouts & romesco sauce
    • Mango panna cotta
  • Dining by Design Thai Menu
    (more options available)
    • Larb Moo
      Spicy ground pork salad with fresh herbs and chili lime dressing
    • Tom Yum Goon
      An all time favourite sour & spicy soup
    • Pla Thad Gratiem
      Fried snapper slices dusted with salt and pepper flour topped with fried garlic
    • Dessert
      Tab Tim Grob
      Ruby jellies, water chestnuts, taro, pumpkin in sugar syrup & ice shavings
  • Dining by Design Thai Vegetarian Menu
    • Por Pia Tod
      Deep fried spring rolls filled with mushrooms, glass noodles, onions, garlic & carrots served with plum sauce
    • Som Tum Thai
      Spicy green papaya salad with chilies, carrots, tomatoes, beans, palm sugar, fish sauce & lime juice
    • Tom Jeud Hem Horm
      Soft tofu, shiitake mushrooms & glass noodles
    • Gaeng Kiaw Waan Phak
      Green curry cooked with assorted vegetables, green chilies & coconut milk
    • Tab Tim Krob
      Water chestnut, pumpkin jelly in sugar syrup & crushed ice

If you are dreaming of a romantic dinner with your own chef, upgrade the Dining by Design Menu to the ‘Private Beach BBQ for Two! Anantara’s Chef cooks exclusively for you and your loved one serving tantalizing appetizers, freshly barbequed and mouth-watering seafood and concludes with delicious desserts. This will be a day to remember and a story to be told.

The Romantic Dining details at a glance:

  • When: Based on request
  • Where: Beach or Beach Deck
  • Time: 7.00pm - 11.00pm (with extending option)
  • Price:
    • Dining By Design: IDR 950,000* per person

​*Prices do include a welcome cocktail and are subject to a tax and service charge

Additional Information:

  • The set-ups can also be done for 2 couples
  • Special set-ups for groups are available

These Romantic Dinners...

...take place at Anantara Seminyak, right on the coastline of Seminyak Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Bali, 

(The beach-set up at the popular Seminyak Beach)

The GPS data for this location is already confirmed! Access "Anantara Seminyak" with our free holiday application and the GPS will guide you to a wonderful beachfront resort.

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