Segara The Seaside Bar & Restaurant at Sanur

Segara The Seaside Bar & Restaurant

“Segara” The Seaside Bar and Restaurant is Owner by The Community Of Sanur Village. It’s Profits Support Local Education and Local Environment and Cultural Project. As a Valued Visitor to Our Community, We Warmly invite you yo Sample of Our Cuisine and Hospitality

Located in Segara Ayu Beach, The Segara Seaside is a Bar and Restaurant with outdoor and Seaside atmosphere. There are 4 areas that covers 3 brands. The Segara Gelatissini, The Segara Seaside Restaurant and Sports Bar, Paon Coffee Shop, and an outdoor tent that gives the view out to the beach itself. These 4 areas each has their own signatures.

Located in Segara Ayu Beach, The Segara Seaside is a Bar and Restaurant with the beauty atmosphere of Segara Ayu Beach. The Bar, also called The Wave Sports Bar, gives you an authentic Bar experience with outdoor atmosphere. The Restaurant, on the other hand, gives you the old, classic, Balinese atmosphere, complete with Outdoor Tables to give you the full experience of a Seaside Dining Experience.



Segara the Seaside has 2 access points. One from the Segara Ayu Street, and another one from the Sindhu Beach Street. Each access points has their own advantages. For instance, people has more direct access from the Segara Ayu Street as it is near the Segara the Seaside itself, but people who came from the Sindhu Beach Street had more access to bigger parking space. One of the charm point of Segara the Seaside is the giant fish-shaped trash bin, located exactly at the end of Segara Ayu Street. This was helpful as people already associated the giant trash bin as part of Segara The Seaside.

Menu Placement

The restaurant menu is placed in a boat-shaped table located outside the restaurant and near the tent. People need to take the order first and then book a table, unless they’re already booked the table online. This is a little bit of a problem, in my opinion if the weather is in bad condition because the menu will get drenched in rain, even though they have a leather cover, especially if people left the menu open.

The Sports Bar

The Sports Bar is located near the Segara Gelatissini booth. Overall, the Sports Bar is the main spot for people to hang out at night, as it is often provides sports streaming, so people can enjoy the sports while eat and/or drink. The Sports Bar now provides more chairs and tables so more people can gather when there’s a sport live streaming event. The live streaming events varies from Australian Football League (AFL), Formula One (F1) Racing, and many more World Cup event. They have 7 LED TV placed in the bar stool, and 2 giant screen.


As explained in the introduction above, the restaurant has 8 tables, and 3 lounge seats. The placement of the tables are random, but it doesn’t disturb any space for the servants from serving the order. As I wrote this, there is a selfie spot inside the restaurant, right in front of the merchant alley that is also located inside the restaurant. Mr. Budi said that the selfie spot also serve as a “transparent barrier” for people to pass by. There is a huge live music stage also located inside the restaurant, but the stage is facing towards the tent outside the restaurant, so people inside the restaurant can’t see them performing with proper viewing angle from inside the restaurant

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