Short Trip, While on a Airport Transit for 12 Hours

Have time only 12 hours in Bali for the next flight to wait? The time is impossible for a walk outside the airport. Is this true? Fortunately, the Ngurah Rai Airport is located on the south of Bali as a tourist centers. A time to time for the tour are as follows lightning. 11:00 before walking out, the stomach should be filled first. Just find any culinary in Tuban, local food and cheap price, It’s only 5 minutes from the airport otherwise you can have a friedchicken in Airport’s Mc D.

There are a variety of restaurants available on the roadside Tuban. Moreover, many halal food in the region. They say, is not complete without a stop in Bali to buy souvenirs. In the Tuban area there are many souvenir shops. One is the famous Krishna Store is open 24 hours. Snacks such as Balinese nuts till Bali clothes you can buy here. Watch out, set your time, do not let the fun shopping and lost track of time. Take time to shop for an hour-long course. Next, point the way to Uluwatu area to stop by the Garuda Wisnu Kencana.

14:00 Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) is always interesting to visit. Rock is broken up into blocks of rock, looked stunning as she stepped in between. Do not forget to take pictures with the two iconic statue of this place, the statue of Lord Vishnu and Garuda the gigantic size. Make sure you can arrive at 14.00 to watch performances of traditional Balinese dance accompanied by gamelan nan energetic. This appearance can you see in the Amphitheater.

In addition, try to rent a Segway for Rp 50,000 for 10 minutes around the pedestal. Or, relax with spa treatments such as reflexology are available at this place. Ticket prices for entrance to the pedestal only Rp 30,000.

16:00 it’s not complete without a visit to the area of ??Uluwatu’s famous Dreamland beach. Continue to visit the white sandy beaches. Surrounded by the cliff, you could take shelter under the shade of coral. However, time to yourself to swim.

Although now Dreamland Beach is getting crowded. This beach is still beautiful. Visitors usually charged around Rp 10,000 entrance and parking fee into this area. To reach this beach, you must enter the resort area. In the parking area, you live the way down the stone steps to the beach. The afternoon is apt, because the sun was not so hot.

If you’ve ever been to this beach, you can visit other beaches in the area of ??Uluwatu. For example, Padang-Padang Beach or Coast Blue Point. Can also visit Uluwatu to watch Kecak dance against the backdrop of the high seas.

18:00 Continue the trip to the beach Kedonganan. Time to re-fill your belly with grilled culinary typical coastal fish. Seafood dishes are famous Jimbaran Beach.

However, try a different location on the beach Kedonganan is located right next Jimbaran Beach. Just like the Jimbaran beach, lined the restaurant here that sells grilled fish.

You just choose fish, shrimp, squid, and various other marine materials to be processed. There is also a menu with varied price package. But usually consists of fish, squid, shrimp, vegetables plecing spinach, rice, fruit and mineral water. Package price starts from Rp 75,000.

Choose a seat in a sandy area. Waves and the dim candle will accompany your dinner. But if not strong with the sea breeze, it could choose where to eat in an enclosed area.

20:00 finished dinner, proceed to the next beach. This time, select the bustling Kuta area. Note the time because the area is bad, especially at night.

Be nice if the unwind while enjoying soft drinks and snacks at Kuta Beach. Choose a beach in the area along Jalan Raya Kuta. The more nights, the beach is more crowded.

If you do not want to be too far from the airport, choose the beach at Discovery Mall area. Entry into the mall from Tuban Highway and walk in the opposite direction toward the back door.

Out of this door, sand and sea will unfold in front of the eye. Do not forget before purchasing drinks and snacks to accompany you to relax while enjoying the sea breeze breeze.

23:00 If your flight eg 11 pm, so make sure you have at the airport an hour earlier. That means you must prepare a half-hour to an hour to travel to the airport.

Well, the rest next time, just waiting for boarding time. Then, while on the plane, lamunkan your flash tour for half a day that you went through. Then, lower your seat and off to bed tired.

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