Splits and Giggles at Bounce Fit!

What a fun way to spend a morning! Just recently I was asked to accompany a friend to a different style of exercise class - BOUNCEFIT trampolining class at Bounce Bali located Canggu Club. Despite my initial anxieties and reservations regarding my unremarkable pelvic floor muscles (thanks kids!) and that I resemble a baby calf when attempting any type of gymnastic manoeuvre, my fears were allayed and I had a blast!


No need for any prior expertise in aerial activities, elite fitness training or trampolining experience. BOUNCEFIT is all about having fun, toning your core muscles and building confidence with a lot of laughs. For the first time in ages I didn’t spend half of the exercise class glancing repeatedly at the clock and wondering how much longer my triceps could endure the torture!

BOUNCEFIT classes are held at Canggu Club’s, Bounce Trampoline Centre and can accommodate up to 24 participants. Everybody gets their own tramp on which to frolic and flap about and the class is guided by experienced gymnastics coach, Patricia Kincaid. The fully supervised hour commences with the all important warm up exercises through to jumping styles such as pikes, splits, tucks and more to get your heart pumping. It’s just like cardio interval training as high octane jump sequences are followed by short sessions of stretching to ensure that you remain injury free. At one point I even got to pounce around from tramp to tramp, happy as a hippo, stopping only to collapse in a fit of giggles at my obvious lack of coordination. 

The ‘hard work’ over, we made our way over to the elite mats (REALLY bouncy tramps) to learn a few tricks like seat drops and back drops. Nothing too risky as we are shown all the correct landing positions, but these moves are sure to keep your heart pumping and adrenalin streaming and I was rather chuffed that I was able to bust the moves my 11 year olds were learning. Ha!

BOUCNEFIT is on every Friday morning at 9am and is 100k for Canggu Club Gold & Platinum Members and 120k for non-members (water and towels included). Bounce socks are required for safety purposes and if you haven’t already acquired a pair, they are available for 20k at Bounce reception. One of those exercise classes where you can be as serious or silly as you like, trampolining has the potential to burn up to 1000 calories in an hour and all with a smile on your dial! 

Music helps to maintain the momentum and there’s plenty of giggling, wiggling and aerial hi jinks to make for an hour of active fun. Join BOUCNEFIT to break the boredom of the same exercise routine week after week. With each session you will develop confidence, agility, core and (pelvic) floor strength as well as your sense of humour!

It’s ideal for any age and level of agility. Be part of the fun this Friday and join the rebound revolution that allows you to burn off brekkie and bounce to a beat. 

For more information or Canggu Club Fitness schedule information go to: fitness@cangguclub.com
Book online at bouncebali.com

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