Star Cafe Renon

Star Cafe Renon present at the center of the city of Denpasar with concept: " RETRO MEET METRO" where Concept originated from the needs of a growingMarketin around Denpasar and surroundingareas, especiallyfor young people and young executive today, to offer: International Menu at Combine the style of local ( Indonesia Food).

Star Cafe Renon suitable for hanging and comfortablefor inpormal meetings, social gatherings and family unification with Concept Corner Private Lounge in the middle of Restaurant.

Star Cafe Renon have characteristic color Blue, White and Black because wecombine the Concept Star in the sky that have 3 colors.

Star Cafe Renonalso provides Relax Cafe Terrace which is suitable for hanging on a moment with a blend Coffe Time back ground music in accordance with the concept in the offer star Cafe Renon: RETRO METRO MEET

Tag : Bali Holiday 

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