Banjar Hot Spring Bali

Banjar Hot Spring Bali Indonesia or Air Panas Banjar Bali Indonesia,

is a must see attraction and one of the ‘colder’ Hot Springs in Bali. It is located in the north of the island, about 15 minutes away from Lovina or about 3 hours from Kuta and consists of 1 ‘hot’ pool, 2 larger lukewarm pools and a private pool, which are all surrounded by beautiful gardens in the middle of the jungle.

This Hot Spring is hidden in the backyard of a village and hard to find. If you plan to go there without a guide, please make sure you use our application as the place is hard to find.

Banjar Hot Spring Bali is a very peaceful place, nestled in a lush green and well maintained garden, where plenty of locals come for relaxation as well as tourists and expats. If you want to experience a bath with some actual Balinese people, this is the Hot Spring to go to. In case you are looking for privacy, check out the other Hot Springs we have listed in this category.

From the parking to the hot spring it is just a 2 mintues walk and the way is paved with smaller souvenir stores. You will hear "Mr./Mrs. you want to se my shop" from two or three merchants. Just pass by if you don't have interesst or say "thanks maybe later". If you want to support the local village buisness, buy a towel or souvenir but don't forget to bargain

One of the pools of Banjar Hot Spring can be described as a kid’s pool and if you are travelling with the whole family, you can splash around with your children here. The upper pool can be described as the massage pool and naturally you will stay in there for a longer time. The water gushes from the mouths of 8 stone carved Nagas (mystical dragon like creatures) which will simply pamper your senses.

The toilets are clean, well maintained and lockers are available, a definite bonus that Banjar Hot Spring Bali offers. Shampoo and shower gel can be bought at the souvenir store as well as towels which are not for rent. 

A well maintained local Restaurant provides snacks, basic food and cold drinks. 

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