Bias Tugel Beach White Sand Beach

Bias Tugel Beach White Sand Beach,

a must see attraction and located in Padang Bai, is simply a fantastic beach. Hidden in between two steep cliffs the small beachfront stretches about 100 meters and offers enough space for the some who know about of this hidden beauty and those some are mostly locals. If you plan to go to White Sand Beach in Padang Bai, make sure you travel with our application, otherwise you will walk or drive around for hours to find this rare diamond.

You can reach this beautiful gem by two access roads of which one is very bumpy but cuts the walking by more than half. From the parking it takes you another 3 - 5 minutes walk down to the beach. The access path here is pretty steep and sometimes slippery so please make sure if you are travelling with kids you really take care.

Once arrived you feel like in heaven and know that the effort has paid out completely. White Sand Beach deserves its name.

The maintenence of the beach is done by the owners of the 3 or 4 local warungs located directly at the beachfront which guarntees nearly everytime a clean beach. Also the Warungs offer shadow to those who can't handle Bali's mid day sun and can't find a place anymore to lay down in a shadow place.

Coold drinks and hot snacks are offered for a very reasonable price. The restaurant owners are very friendly and open to talk as they have nothing else to do anyway. Speak to them and find out more about Padang Bai and additional opportunities you have in this area.

The pendant of White Sand Beach, Blue Lagoon Beach, is located at the other side of the harbor and you can think about of splitting your Beach day out into two halfs.

We were fascinated by the friendliness of the people, the 2 beautiful beaches and the seafood and want to recommend wonderful White Sand Beach to everybody who wants to relax at one of Bali most fantastic and wonderful beaches.

White Sand Beach in Padang Bai is suitable for everybody and you surely will enjoy the fantastic day out at a picture perfect place! 

Additional Information:

  • Why don't you extend your tour time and add a delicious Seafood dinner directly at the harbour which is just about 5-10 minutes drive (depending on the road you take) away from the beach on your tour? 
  • Dont forget to bring your snorkeling equipment​




  1. Mason
    Andreas says:

    been to white sand beach in 2012, it is simply amazing there! well worth staying a full day in this area. driver highly recommended! it makes sense to invest 60 or 70 usd for a private driver as you shouldn't drive after such a relaxing day!

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