Blue Lagoon Beach

Blue Lagoon Beach,

is located in Padang Bai, next to White Sand Beach. Blue Lagoon is one of Bali’s must see beaches. This wonderful beach is, compared to White Sand Beach which is located away just 5-10 minutes by car, very eaqsy to find. It lies in the north of the harbor of Padang Bai and parking is provided "right next door". 

Those who came to Bali to relax can find rarely better beaches to calm down then Blue Lagoon Beach and White Sand Beach. To These travelers it is highly recommended to to stay a full day in Padang Bai to enjoy both of these beaches to find out the preferred one for the next visit.

The calm see and the fact that not plenty of tourists come to hear makes the about 80 meters coastline a very relaxing and private place. 

Plenty of Marine Life can be explored without having to have a diving license at both beaches. It is a recommended place for people who want to explore Bali’s underwater scene without the need of a diving license as it offers the perfect snorkeling opportunity.

The advantage compared to White Sand Beach are the available sunchairs which are provided in front of the restaurant, but shadow places apart from inside the restaurant are rarely to find.

Blue Lagoon Beach is maintained  by the owner of the only restaurant which offers cold drinks as well as food and directly located at the beach in cooperation with the "massage men Wayan" (see the picture). Ask him to give you a massage and the answer will be "up to you". Please stay fair!

Blue Lagoon Beach in Padang Bai is suitable for everybody and you surely will enjoy the fantastic day out at a picture perfect place! 

Additional Information:

  • Why don't you extend your tour time and add a delicious Seafood dinner directly at the harbour which is just about 5-10 minutes drive (depending on the road you take) away from the beach on your tour? 
  • Dont forget to bring your snorkeling equipment​​


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