Frog Market or Kodok Market

Pasar Kodok - Second hand wear for a very reasonable price

Kodok Market, inspiring fashion designers

Ok, we fully agree on the fact that Tabanan is not only worth to go for just a market visit. But what about combining a visit of this very, very local market with other attractions such as Tanah Lot ?

Kodok Market (Frog Market) is a hidden market, somewhere in the middle of busy Tabanan. It is Bali’s most popular second hand market and whatever you are looking for, it will be there!

As a market for the poor, it is probably not a place for everybody, but especially fashion designers feel attracted by Kodok Market. As every vintage market it increases the creativity and inspiration and for sure some new design ideas came from Frog Market.

If you are looking for second hand belts, skirts, dresses, shirts, swimming suits, singlets, jumpers, bags, jackets, jeans or other clothes and accessories which could inspire you, go there and take an easy stroll.

Tip 1: Plagiarism is a huge business in Asia and you never can be sure if you get what you are paying for!

TIP 2: Don’t go there on rainy days

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