Horizon Glassworks

Horizon Glassworks - Get an unique artwork, made by Ron Seivertson 

A California native, and Bali Resident for over a decade, Ron Seivertson has studied intensely the art of hot glass blowing and sculpting in Seattle Washington and Melbourne Australia.

With an ancestry of hot glass artists dating back over 200 years, he first discovered his great grandfather was a glassblower only after serendipitously falling in love with the craft. Since that time he has created masterpieces from the point of view that everything is possible and to do what seems cannot be done.

He has a passionate devotion to the art of glass blowing which is evident in his work as he transforms molten glass into spectacular hand blown works of art.  Ron’s present vision is to develop an international Glass Art School and create a glass movement throughout Indonesia and across South Asia. While doing so, he will include scholarships for under privileged talented youths to be introduced to the craft, develop a love for the art and emerge as noteworthy glass artists, changing the lives of others forever.  Come visit the facility of Horizon Glassworks and share in the dream.

“Hot glass artist Ron Seivertson creates light filled forms of blown and sculpted hot glass, extra ordinary in their expression and textural luminosity” Trisha Sertori, Jakarta Post

Ron investigates the far reaches of what blown glass should be and yet he delivers stunningly beautiful, luminous and entertaining art.”

Carolyn M. Scott, Executive Director, Turtle Island Films, Santa Rosa,  Ca.


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