Masceti Temple Bali

Masceti Temple Bali Treasures Hidden On The Island

Masceti Temple  is located on the northern shore of Masceti Beach, Medahan Village, Blahbatuh Sub district, Keramas, Gianyar. The trip to Pura Masceti from the famous Kuta area takes about 1 ½ hours.

Masceti Temple was one of Lord Vishnu’s regular worship destinations, (In Balinese religion Vishnu is described as the maintainer of the Universe). Once, Vishnu was in a relationship with Lakhsmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth, prosperity (material and spiritual), fortune and the embodiment of beauty. Both spent a lot of time together at Masceti Beach as they liked this area very much, they went to enjoy the scenery but also to have discussions. Usually they were able to find a common ground for all of their debates except for the last one. Vishnu and Lakhsmi started to argue heavily as they had different opinions and this finally caused their separation. After this, Lakhsmi divided the Beach into two partials which are nowadays called Mescati Beach and Saba Beach. Up to the present day, the Balinese believe that the love between couples, who visit Mescati Beach together, will not last forever.

To be perfectly honest with you, Masceti Temple is not a very exciting temple and apart from some nicely carved stone figurines and the main entrance of the temple facing a wide stretch of pristine beach, it does not have a lot more to offer. Although Mescati Beach (Pantai Masceti) is a very spiritual place and plenty of purification ceremonies are held in this area. Any tourist activity, such as sun bathing or water sport activities, on Masceti Beach are not tolerated and strictly prohibited. The area is one of the most peaceful areas in Bali, the complete opposite of Kuta and reflects Bali’s real face. If you are looking for spiritual tourism, this is one of the places in Bali you should go to!

  • Tip 1: Don’t visit the temple if you are in a relationship. Your love will not last forever.


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