The Elysian Boutique Villa Resort

Enjoy the luxury of your own Seminyak villa with the services of a luxury hotel.

Elysian’ means Paradise and that’s exactly what we want you to experience. We are committed we will live up to our name and become your very own haven in Seminyak, Bali.

There is nowhere quite like The Elysian Boutique Villa Hotel on this beautiful island, you can luxuriate in the seclusion of a self contained one bedroom Seminyak villa with private pool and tropical garden while being spoilt with the services and facilities of a luxury hotel including, of course, twenty four hour room service.

You will feel miles from any hustle and bustle but you are walking distance to one of Bali’s most popular beaches, one of Bali’s most revered temples, just minutes from the heart of vibrant Seminyak and still only 20 minutes from the international airport.

Our Seminyak villas are equipped with everything you would expect from an exclusive hotel with some additional “hi-tech touches” that make them amongst the most “switched on” villas in Seminyak.

We pride ourselves on giving service with a genuine smile, and in turn you will also find yourself often smiling spontaneously with genuine delight. We believe in giving a service standard that is effortless, graceful and genuine, attentive, yet invisible and with a carefree charm that is warm and friendly.


Seminyak villas designed to just keep getting better.

The Elysian was built on ideas. To start with, the simple idea of a “village” of essentially one bedroom villas in a boutique style resort was ground breaking and soon to be followed.

The idea of blending contemporary style with the beauty of Balinese traditions and tropical living, using stone and wooden materials that would develop a beautiful patina with age and tropical gardens that would embrace the buildings and walkways is an ongoing delight to watch.

The original thinking also included keeping in touch with technology so each Seminyak villa has a ‘menu’ of Apple options.

The Elysian is getting more sublime as the years go by and is maturing from a trendsetting Seminyak villa resort into a beautiful classic and showpiece of forward thinking.

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