Ubud Art Market

An Ubud fairytale

Once upon a time in Ubud, there was a sweet, traditional local Market called Pasar Seni or Ubdud Traditional Art Market. It was located at the crossing of Jalan Raya and Monkey Forest Road. The Traditional Ubud Art Market was able to attract many tourists because Pasar Seni had its very special Balinese charm.

Even bargaining was not easy at Ubud Traditional Market; the vacationers with the big wallets went there to explore the special charm of Pasar Seni. And the sellers were happy with their life. They made so much money out of the people with the light skin. The Tourists bought baskets, accessories, jewelries, paintings, wood carvings and many more things the sellers had on stock.

Yes it was a great symbiosis. The traders at Ubud Traditional Art Market were benefiting from the tall white people and the tall white people experienced the traditional Charm of a very unique market in Bali.

The Business and the area grew and with the growth of Ubud Traditional Art Market more and more light skinned people came to the market. And the more people came, the more money was made. But Suddenly…

… the bad king of Ubud came and said: “Subjects! I have a great new idea!! We build a new market!!! The new art market in Ubud will be by far the most modern, the nicest and biggest market you have ever seen in Bali!!!! And you all will benefit from it!!!!!” The population of Ubud was shocked. “How can we benefit from a modern design if the tourists only come because of the traditional charm?” Finally it was a premonition of what was to come.

No sooner said than done. The traders had to borrow money to finance their new stall, they were moved to a new place and the bad king organized the renovation.

And Nowadays? The bad king has found out that the traders were right and the idea to build a new market in Ubud was probably the worst he ever had. It is now even harder to negotiate as the traders have to pay back their bank loans. The traditional charm is gone and there are by far better markets to go in Bali.

Sukawati Art Market, Badung Market or Kreneng Market, all located closer to the white men who are staying in the south, have now more to offer then the fallen beauty in Ubud Traditional Art Market.

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